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Ciao Bella!  Hello Beautiful!   

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Personalize Your Life with Ciao Bella Boutique!
We are from St. Louis, MO and started embroidering for Family and friends. Now, it has turned out to be a business!
We wanted to incorporate our Italian Heritage in this business, so we named it "Ciao Bella."  Personalizations are very personal, and we believe personalization can make you feel beautiful and proud! What a better way to show off your beautiful self with our collection of Monogrammed Items.  
We can personalize or customize just about anything. Each Item is Cared, Loved and Hand Crafted.  We offer our products through Etsy and Amazon Handmade as well as our website. Please do not hesitate to ask about our Customizations via email or our Facebook Page.
Have fun shopping and check out all the things that is waiting to be personalized!

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